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In-Kind Donations

Peters Valley seeks donations of the following new or gently used items:

Metal cutting chop saw
Gas saver for torch
Set of GOOD drills Number, Letter and Fractional
Tongs assorted sizes
Hammers 1.5-2lbs.
Hammer handles
Full set of hand tools(wrenches, pliers, tin snips, screwdrivers,    ratchets & sockets etc.)
Good hacksaw frames
Extension cords 25-50ft. 10ga.
Wire wheels for bench grinder and grinding wheels
Two new angle grinders
Block wire brushes (9)

Digital Scale
Digital Projector
Space Heater
Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves
Box Fan

Reeds for Looms 
Storage Bins for Yarn & Books 
2 new or gently used irons 
A wall mounted coat rack
new exhaust fan for the dye station
a folding portable table (for use outside)
new air conditioner
studio chairs with adjustable height

Fine Metals
Stonesetting burrs
1 burnout kiln
Step shear
2" belt sander
1" belt sander
Electroplating/forming station
Wax injector

Licenses for Photoshop 6 for PC
Dual core(minimum) PC’s capable of running Windows 7 64 bit
Hi resolution Video Projector
Studio Lights & equipment for both Hot & strobe
4x5 view cameras & lenses

Card scrapers
Wide chisels
Two Jet air filtration systems
16 Gal. Shop Vac
Two sets of band saw blades for the Laguna band saw 
A new set of 8 bench chisels 
Delta or Jet 17" drill press  

Specials Topics
Anhealing kiln for lampworking

Kitchen/Dining Hall
8oz Mason Jars


Store & Gallery
New Lighting system

Paper Shredder
A laptop with Microsoft Office Suite

Facilities/Grounds Maintenance
Light Hawk -rechargeable superbright 120,000 candle power

If you have something that is not listed above that you would like to donate to Peters Valley, please contact our Operations Manager, Jennifer Apgar via email at

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Special Needs: Peters Valley is committed to being accessible to all of our students. However, the terrain at the Valley is natural and some of the historic buildings are only partially accessible. Paths and driveways are not paved. If you need special assistance, please indicate your needs with your workshop application. At least two weeks notice must be given when requesting special assistance so that we have time to accommodate your needs.