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Artist Gallery Exhibitions

The Sally D. Francisco Gallery at Peters Valley is named after the founding director.  The exhibition gallery, located on the second floor of the Peters Valley Gallery, offers 6 curated exhibitions per year.  Exhibitions are organized by guest curators and Brienne Rosner, Gallery Manager.

Proposals for exhibitions are reviewed on an ongoing basis. The gallery presents thematic exhibitions that can represent a group of artists or the work of one artist. Peters Valley School of Craft focuses it's programs on fine contemporary crafts in mediums such as ceramics, metals both fine and forged, glass, wood, photography, fibers- surface design and structural, print.  For more information please contact Brienne Rosner



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Special Needs: Peters Valley is committed to being accessible to all of our students. However, the terrain at the Valley is natural and some of the historic buildings are only partially accessible. Paths and driveways are not paved. If you need special assistance, please indicate your needs with your workshop application. At least two weeks notice must be given when requesting special assistance so that we have time to accommodate your needs.