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Woodworking Workshops 2015

The summer 2016 workshop schedule will be posted in early December.

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- Workshops run from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day and the studio is open most evenings for open studio work if desired.

- A printable version of this studio's offerings is available by clicking here


An Introduction to Segmented Turning
Keith Tompkins
May 16-17

Learn how to design, assemble, and turn a basic segmented bowl. With a strong emphasis on safety learn how to cut bowl segments on the table saw using a variety of sleds. Participants will learn to select woods based on color, wood characteristics, and grain direction. Various clamping methods will be taught. Basic wood turning experience is necessary to participate in this course. Sanding and finishing will also be covered as well as instruction on sharpening and tool technique for those who require it.
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Keith has become known as one of the most innovative and creative contemporary American woodturners. A trained furniture maker, Keith’s interests have steadily evolved from making functional furniture pieces to creating unique “signature” works of art. Keith’s work has appeared in numerous publications including The Best of Fine Woodworking, Wood Art Today 2, and 500 Wood Bowls, and has been featured in several magazines such as Woodturning (UK), American Woodturner, Woodturning Design, and American Style. His work has been displayed in several important exhibits, and is included in many major collections. His work has garnered several awards, including five “Niche Award” finalist awards, presented at the Buyer’s Market for American Craft in Philadelphia, and the “Richard Pagano Award” for best of show at the Northeastern Woodworkers Showcase in Saratoga, New York. Keith has shared his enthusiasm for woodturning, demonstrating across the United States and into Canada, and at several AAW National Symposiums.
Tuition: $300
Studio/Materials Fee: $35

Refinishing and the Art of Hand Rubbed Finishes
Brenda Hall
May 23-25

Learn how to transform old furniture into gorgeous furniture in unique ways. This workshop will cover methods of refinishing using hand rubbed finishes, exploring color through use of milk paint and dying. Traditional techniques and contemporary ways to create beautiful surfaces will be shared and explored. There will be plenty of individual attention given and the group will benefit from approaches to participants’ projects. You are asked to bring a sanded piece of furniture ready for finishing or you may work on sample pieces of wood.
Brenda Hall is a self taught finisher and woodworker. She has been in this field for over twenty years. Brenda owns a shop and gallery in Winsted, CT where she thoroughly enjoys creating one of kind functional art.
Tuition: $390
Studio/Materials Fee: $100


How to Say I Love You from a Lathe
Dennis Fuge
May 29-31

Dennis will share his 40 years of turning experience with a focus on how to bring out the beauty in any piece of wood to create beautiful items that you can give to your loved ones to show how much you appreciate them. You will learn how to identify the most common trees in the North East and the best ways to use them. Beginning with rough logs, topics covered will include: green wood turning, grain orientation, design, proper use of tools and finishing and making lovely items for the home or gifts. Learn to turn jewelry holders, hearts, musical boxes and other items that will say to your partner “I Love You”.
Beginner to Intermediate
Dennis Fuge is a self-taught wood turner from Mendham, NJ, who has been turning for 40 years and spent time in South Africa, Hong Kong and the USA. Dennis was President of the New Jersey Woodturners Association and has demonstrated at events up and down the east coast. He turns a wide variety of items, but his main focus is on deep hollow vessels, platters and artistic pieces. In recent years Dennis has attended the Arrowmont School of Art and spent a few days with Dave Register in the UK. A lot of his work focuses on what nature has already started and he allows the wood together with its flaws and faults to determine what the finished item will look like. Some of his work will only us wood as a canvas and he creates some very eye catching pieces, using color, mixed media and carving. Many of the woods he works with are from New Jersey and are what he calls “road kill” or rescue timber.
Tuition: $390
Studio/Materials Fee: $65


Make a Small Bowfront Cabinet
Matt Kenney
June 5-9

This cabinet is a great way to learn about curves because you'll find a lot of them in this piece: in the doors, drawer fronts, top, bottom, horizontal dividers, and shelf. You will learn three techniques to make the curves. The case parts are made from solid wood and routed flush to a template. The door is constructed from flexible plywood and veneers, and bent over a form in a vacuum press. The drawer fronts are glued up from thin plies, and bent over the same form as the door, again using the vacuum press. No special skills are needed, as all of the techniques are fairly simple. Nor do you need to have your own vacuum press.
Advanced Beginner
Matt Kenney is a Senior Editor at Fine Woodworking magazine. He began to make things from wood as a child, and got serious about furniture making as a graduate student (because he couldn't afford to buy it). Before starting at the magazine, he spent most of his free time in the shop of a professional furniture maker learning the craft. And since starting at the magazine, Matt spends all of his time--free or otherwise--improving and expanding his skills. When he is not editing articles about how to make furniture, he's in his shop making custom furniture for his family and for clients.
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $215

Carving Wooden Jewelry
Sarah Martin
June 12-16

Looking to expand your jewelry repertoire? This class will show you how to carve wood on a small scale appropriate for jewelers. We'll cover how to safely carve with both knives and rotary tools and how to complete these carvings with surface embellishment, findings, and finishing techniques. Watch as this common material transforms into small precious objects.
Beginner and Beyond
Sarah Martin is an Assistant Professor at Murray State University in Western Kentucky. She has previously taught at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and Western Piedmont Community College in North Carolina. She is a former Penland Resident Artist and teaches workshops nationally.
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $90


Craft Yourself Online! 
Ennis Carter, Social Impact Studios
June 13-14

Spreading the word today can be challenging. But with so many new forms of media, it’s a great time to represent your work and your journey as a craftsperson online. You just need the skills to make the most of what’s available. In this 2-day workshop, we’ll review theory about online communications; review the ins & outs of online tools; and dive in for hands-on practice (with your laptop or tablet) to fit your individual style and needs. We will cover; best ways to showcase your work online, building or joining artist & gallery websites, how social media can be a tool for working artists, online promotion & advertising, building a global community of people who love your work. Whether you need a basic website or to dive into social media, you’ll have the opportunity to focus on what fits you and your abilities the best. By the end of the workshop, we want you to walk away with the basics in place, knowledge of tools, and the skills to enhance your online presence over time. 
Beginner and Beyond
Ennis Carter opened Social Impact Studios in 1996, since then Social Impact Studios has combined artistry & activism to promote important social issues. They believe good causes should get more attention than anything else. And they believe thoughtful, beautiful and meaningful communication is still the best way to engage and motivate. Social Impact Studios is a creative hub where groups and creative activists collaborate, learn and do the work. From concept to creation, they design action plans, visuals, messages and moving grassroots experiences that make a social impact – together.
Tuition: $300


Carving an Elegant Eagle
Jim Whitman
June 19-23

If you have ever wanted to learn to carve wood this workshop is perfect for you! With the eagle as the subject matter, Jim will lead the class through all aspects of hand carving. You will have a choice of several eagle poses and start with and a set of detailed plans and templates for a 24” eagle that will be carved from Bass wood. You will learn how to read grain direction to prevent splintering and tear out, how to carve with chisels and how to use power carving tools, when quick removal of wood is needed. The class will also cover chisel sharpening techniques and use of the band saw. Sanding and finishing your piece will make your carving “Fly Like an Eagle”. Although Jim will provide some tools, students are asked to bring their own carving chisels to class (a detailed list will be provided) 
Beginner and Beyond
Jim Whitman attended the Art Students League and became an illustrator and designer. He then started a graphic design studio, which he directed for 45years. During this time Jim started his woodworking interests as a hobby. He was inspired by seeing the nautical woodcarvings at the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. He has been designing furniture as well as carving form the past 30 years. Jim served on the board of Peters Valley for 20 years. He has served the Wood Artist Fellow and has taught numerous workshops at the Valley. Jim is the author of The Woodworker’s Studio Handbook, which was published in December 2011.
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $75


The Fall Front Writing Desk
Ken Burton
June 26-30

Take your woodworking skills up a notch as you build this elegant, fall-front writing desk. This hard-working piece of furniture features all kinds of great woodworking techniques including mortise and tenon joinery, inlay, breadboard ends, half-blind finger joints and more. We will start with rough boards and turn them into an heirloom piece of original furniture complete with a drawer and pigeon holes perfectly sized for today’s writing needs. Some basic woodworking skills are requested.
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Ken Burton has been working with wood professionally since 1984. He is spectacularly over-educated for a woodworker, holding an Associate of Arts degree from Bucks County Community College in Fine Woodworking, a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Arts Education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Woodworking and Furniture Design from the School for American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition, he has taken numerous summer classes and workshops at various craft schools around the country. Ken's studio, Windy Ridge Woodworks is a multifaceted endeavor reflecting Ken’s wide range of interests in various craft media. At the heart of the operation is the design and construction of studio furniture and custom cabinetry. This is coupled with the teaching of woodworking workshops and the writing of woodworking books and articles. During the school year, Burton is a Technology Education teacher at Boyertown Area Senior High School. He also teaches at Northampton Community College's FabLab in Bethlehem, PA.
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $115


Colorful Carvings and Surface Design on Wood
Tommy Simpson
July 3-5

Learn how to bring narrative into your wood work with Tommy Simpson. Tommy's animated works in wood contain messages, stories and a sense of wonder. Each participant will build a wood box made from Bass or Pine wood that will be embellished through carving and painting with gesso and acrylic paints. Please bring your ideas and mementos to create a special keepsake box. Unleash your imagination while you learn practical woodworking and surface design skills. Tommy will teach you to how to approach to develop the surface of your wood work. Advanced Beginner and Beyond
Tommy Simpson's artwork transcends fine craftsmanship, fine art, and whimsy. He has worked in nearly every medium; woodworking, painting canvas and paper, print-making, clay and carved wood, etc. Regardless of the medium, there is a readily identifiable Simpson style, a vocabulary of forms and palette that is unmistakable. Simpson's artwork is featured in the books, Two Looks to Home and Hand and Home, published by Little Brown. His artwork can be found in many public and private collections including, the Renwick Gallery and the Museum of American Art at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC, and the Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY. Simpson is represented by the Scott Jacobsen Gallery, New York, NY.
Tuition: $390
Studio/Materials Fee: $65


Beyond Basic Bowls
Mark Gardner
July 10-14

If you are looking for new ways to enhance your turned bowls and vessels this class is for you. We will cover techniques required to produce turned and carved items from simple bowls to bowls with handles and spoons. We will cover hollowing techniques where the vessel is cut in two, then hollowed and reassembled. Proper use of the bowl gouge as well as sharpening turning and carving tools of all kinds. Surface design techniques covered will include; how to layout geometric patterns on three-dimensional objects and then carve them using an engraver, carving tools and wire brushes. You WILL be encouraged to try new techniques on your turned objects and get out of your comfort zone. We will use green wood as a primary material and will cover how to get consistent results without cracking. Dyeing, painting and finishing will also be covered. If this sounds like a lot to cover in a week, it is, but you should go home from this class with new skills and ideas to help inspire your work for years to come.
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Mark Gardner is a full-time studio turner and sculptor in Saluda, NC. He has a BFA in Theater Design and Production form the University of Cincinnati. He has studied woodturning with John Jordan and Stoney Lamar. His award-winning work is exhibited nationally and has been acquired for the permanent collections of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the Yale University Art Gallery, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art, among others. He is represented in publications such as New Masters of Woodturning (Fox Chapel Press, 2008) and Scratching the Surface: Art and Content in Contemporary Wood (Guild Publishing, 2002).
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $75

Basic Rhino Training for 3D Printing
Darlene Farris-LaBar
July 17-21

With computer aided design technology artists are no longer tethered to the studio. Through a series of projects participants will learn how to navigate the user interface of Rhino software program and learn how it is used in the various 3D manufacturing industries. Participants will learn to customize the 3D modeling environment and create basic 3D objects such as lines, circles, squares, surfaces and solids. They will also convert 2-D drawings to 3-D models to create objects prepared and ready for 3D printing using services available online. You do not need prior experience but you must know how to use the laptop you need to bring with you to this class. A basic understanding of computer design software is encouraged.
Darlene Farris-LaBar is both an associate professor of art at East Stroudsburg University and an internationally known artist. She holds a MFA from the School of Art and Design at SUNY, Purchase College, a BFA at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and an AAS in Digital Media Arts from the College of Technology in New York City. She has a diverse art background with skills that include painting, welding, graphic design, video art, 3D digital design and printing, and much more. Farris-LaBar recently had two solo exhibitions located at the Madelon Powers Gallery, East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania and The Art Lab at Columbus University, Georgia. The shows offered 3D printed sculptures, video and photography of native plants significant to the Pocono Region. 
Tuition: $560

Campaign Furniture: Modern or Classic
Yoav Liberman
July 17-21

During this class we will discuss various aspects of furniture designs that are collapsible and versatile: Classical Campaign furniture and modern camp/knock-down designs. We will look at different approaches towards designing cases of drawers, tables, beds and more; we will investigate different joinery techniques. Each student will design and build a piece of furniture that can be assembled or disassembled elegantly and efficiently, using shop made wood hardware, or standard and innovative metal hardware that is obtained separately.
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Yoav Liberman is a studio furniture artist, architect, and inventor. His work combines the old and new, using found objects and discarded wood as sources of inspiration for the pieces that he builds. Yoav received his architectural degree from the Israel Institute of Technology. He was an Artist-in-Residence at the Worcester Center for Crafts and has headed the woodworking program at Harvard University's Eliot House. In 2011Yoav was a Windgate Foundation Artist in Residence/Fellow at Purchase College, New York. His work has appeared in several juried exhibitions including Saks Fifth Avenue, SOFA Chicago, and in NEW/NOW: 10 Makers for the New Millennium Pathways and Process at the Fuller Craft Museum. Yoav’s Etrog Box was one of the finalists at the 2005 Niche Awards. Yoav’s articles on furniture design and woodworking have been published in leading design magazines including American Woodworker and Woodwork Magazine. He has also published numerous articles in several of Israel's most prominent design publications. His pieces have been featured in 500 Wood Bowls, 500 Tables, 500 Cabinets, and 500 Judaica, and in Mind & Hand: Contemporary Studio Furniture. Yoav's pieces can be found in numerous East Coast galleries, as well as in private collections in the United States, Israel and England.
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $35 (does not include wood which will be based on your project)


Make a Guitar with Found Objects
Beth Ireland & Keunho Peter Park
July 24-28

Make your own playable guitar out of found objects. Learn to use a variety of stationary and hand tools to create sculptural playable stringed instruments. The class will focus on the construction of a six string guitar, which will give participants the information and skills necessary to create a variety of stringed instruments. Whether you are a musician, woodworker or just looking for a fun project this is a class that provides a safe supportive atmosphere to learn tool use and create a personal playable sculptural object.
Beginner to Intermediate
Beth Ireland earned her undergraduate degree in Art Education from the State University College at Buffalo, and MFA in sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has been running Beth Ireland Woodworking since 1983. She has also been traveling and teaching woodworking and woodturning for twenty years at such places as The Boston Architectural Center, Mass College of Art and Design, The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Anderson Ranch, Arrowmont, and Peters Valley. Her work has been published in Taunton Press, Design Book 7, American Woodturner Magazine and The Boston Globe. She guest stared in two episodes of “Cultivating Life”, originally produced for PBS. In addition, Beth has produced her own video titled, “Turning Outside the Box”. Ireland has been working on an on-going collaborative art project, Turning Around America, since 2010. In phase 1 of the project, Mobile Studio, she traveled 30,000 miles and taught 3000 people how to create a wooden object from her mobile work/live space.
Keunho Peter Park is an international (South Korea) artist who works with animation, sound and sculptural materials to create 3D animated forms, functional objects, furniture, musical instruments that are inspired by his personal experience and his love of music and form. He received his MFA from the Woodworking and Furniture Design program at RIT. He is currently an emerging artist at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, creating a body of work that is based on the exploration of sound and ergonomics of string instruments. He has recently taught a class of "Cigar Box Guitar Making" at the Society of Contemporary Craft Gallery.

Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee
: $75


The Bandsaw: A Maker’s Tool
James McNabb
July 31-August 4

The bandsaw is one of the most underestimated machines in most wood shops. This class will explore a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods of using the bandsaw in the development of several small projects. Students will learn how to safely and confidently use this machine to generate a variety of forms and apply beautiful surface textures. We will discuss how bandsaws work, and how to properly care and maintain them to ensure optimum performance. Workshop participants will produce a band saw box, a decorative spoon/utensil and a variety of experimental bandsaw cut objects and ornaments.
Beginner and Beyond
James McNabb is the owner and maker at McNabb & Co. Studio in Philadelphia, PA. He holds an MFA in Woodworking and Furniture Design from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. His most recent work, 'The City Series' is a collection of cityscape inspired wood sculptures. Each piece is intuitively cut using a band saw from a variety of reclaimed woods. The collection has been widely featured on web and print publications including American Craft, Fine Woodworking, and The New Yorker Magazine.
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $65


Veneered Arts & Crafts Mantle Clock
Thomas Pafk
August 7-11

This workshop utilizes the building of an heirloom quality Arts and Crafts Mantle Clock to demystify and all aspects of veneering. Topics covered will include: selecting, handling and cutting exotic veneer, book matching, seaming and joining, vacuum pressing, hand edge banding, trimming, scraping, sanding and finishing veneer. Participants will construct, assemble and veneer a mantle clock body and trim comprised of veneer, MDF and hardwoods of their choice from start to finish. By the conclusion participants will have a completed clock body ready for installation clock face and clock works available for purchase from a supplier. Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Thomas Pafk is a designated Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan living and working in East Aurora, NY, home of the historic Roycroft Campus of the Arts and Crafts movement. He has a degree in Modelmaking and has taught many workshops for Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. He also taught furniture design and construction for six years to BA interior design students at Villa Maria College in Buffalo, NY. Thomas has been operating "Thomas Pafk Design" a custom design and furniture making studio for the past 28 years. You can view his work at
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $75 


Introduction to CNC Routing
Andrew Pitts
August 14-18

This course introduces CNC design and routing using the ShopBot Desktop CNC routing machine in conjunction with Vectric CAD/CAM software to design and create carved objects. The course will cover the hardware and software used in CNC routing, and the students will use their personal laptop computers to create designs with provided software (temporarily licensed), and then convert the digital files to toolpaths that the CNC machine can recognize to actually cut material. Techniques include profile cutting, v-carving, 3D carving, and two sided carving. After completing the course, students should feel comfortable using design software to create their own designs, as well as using downloadable designs, and be able to produce CNC router toolpaths and have proficiency in using the ShopBot Desktop CNC router. Students must be fluent with using Windows based software.
Andy has been making furniture for 38 years, and it has been his full-time passion for the past nine. He has been making up for the shop time lost during his prior career as a seagoing Naval officer! He built his workshop in the secluded forests of Northumberland County, Virginia where he uses mainly local hardwoods in his work. His furniture has been featured in numerous exhibitions, several books, and has garnered more than a dozen awards. He is an active member of the Artisans Center of Virginia and The Furniture Society. He has spent a great deal of time working to integrate CNC routing into his work, using the very precise ShopBot Desktop.
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $45


Decorating a Turned Bowl with Inlay
Geoffrey Noden
August 21-23

Learn the inlay process developed by Geoffrey in which end-grain wafers are used to create one-of-a-kind patterns. Participants will learn to adorn the rim of a turned bowl or platter with beautiful inlay. Basic turning skills are needed as participants are expected to bring a turned bowl or platter and turn a groove into the rim of a piece prior to coming to class detailed instructions will be provided). Through hands on experimentation you will gain a complete understanding of this inlay process and leave with a completed, finished piece.
Geoffrey Noden began perfecting the craft of furniture design and woodworking in high school, followed by an apprenticeship in New Hope, PA where he worked designing and making his own furniture. Based on the strengths of some of the pieces he created, Noden became the first American selected to attend the prestigious John Makepeace School for Craftsmen-in-Wood in Dorset England. After graduation, Noden came back to where it all began and served as Artist-in-Residence and instructor for woodworking apprentices in New Hope, PA. Since then he has devoted his efforts to the development of his own spacious, functional shop in Trenton, NJ where he produces highly unique, expertly crafted furniture. His recent work takes the form of turned bowls and platters made from local woods and adorned with wood inlay cut by a process he has developed himself.
Tuition: $390
Studio/Materials Fee: $75

Building the Jam-8 Kayak
Don Metz
August 28-September 1

In this workshop each student will be building their own 7' 8" personal water craft. She will be built using marine grade mahogany plywood and assembled using the stitch and epoxy resin. There is no wood working or boat building knowledge required using this effective and very simple way to build a variety of water craft. Upon completion the course participants will have the knowledge to build similar boats.
Beginner and Beyond
Don Metz is a boat builder and woodturner who operates Wood Z Way Studio in Southbury, CT. He studied at Brookfield Craft Center with Keith Tompkins, Richard Raffan and Jim Degen. Don also studied folk art painting with Carol Sue Roberts and at the Maritime Museum in Burlington, VT. He has taught boatbuilding and an epoxy casting technique at BCC. He is a member of the Nutmeg Woodturners League and the American Craft Council.
Tuition: $560
Studio/Materials Fee: $675


Forms for Shaping Wood Laminations
Jim Whitman
September 5-6

In this weekend workshop you will learn bending techniques to shape laminated wood into “Curvy” shapes. While focusing on making a set of salad tongs, you will learn the techniques needed to re-saw thin strips of wood on the band saw, glue them up and clamp them into the form you have made. After the piece has dried you will learn how to clean up the edges and trim to the final shape. These tongs make great gifts and with the form you make in class, you can produce “hundreds” of them at home. You will also learn how to shape veneers into decorative forms and jewelry.
Beginner and Beyond
Jim Whitman attended the Art Students League and became an illustrator and designer. He then started a graphic design studio, which he directed for 45years. During this time Jim started his woodworking interests as a hobby. He was inspired by seeing the nautical woodcarvings at the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. He has been designing furniture as well as carving form the past 30 years. Jim served on the board of Peters Valley for 20 years. He has served the Wood Artist Fellow and has taught numerous workshops at the Valley. Jim is the author of The Woodworker’s Studio Handbook, which was published in December 2011.
Tuition: $300
Studio/Materials Fee: $40


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